Pokemon Master and an absolute disaster.
Don't be a lemon, be a rosebud.
Smoker-admiral > Priestlybabe > Primadorton > Maddoxication > Spuddaster > Petercist > Primadorton


I like to refer myself as The Upgraded version of Dirty Diana, others like to refer me as a bit of a dick. The former sounds more appealing.

Hollywood Whore. The Good Looking with Something Cooking. Teenage Dirtbag. Dancing with Myself. Jersey Girl to your Bruce Springsteen. Mrs Brightside. Girl all the bad guys want, apart from the fact no guy wants me.

The forever awkward Cairawr.

My talents are completing the pokedex, being cute, dying my hair a different colour each week, balancing stuff on my upper lip, being ignorant of my gaming talent (I'm amazing piss off) and completely avoiding any responsibility.

Things I'm not good at are talking to boys, flirting with boys, relationships with boys and getting laid.

Chris just gets really excited about guns okay, he really likes guns, and sometimes he goes on these little speeches in the pack meetings about guns, the make, their history, all while smiling like a kid in a candy store, and Peter just stares and smiles at him because he finds Chris to be super cute when he smiles, and super adorable when he talks about things he’s passionate about, and god does he like to hear him talk.

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